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Research and Cartography Services

Ready to use data

GIS datasets created to meet your needs

  • Basic Land Status
  • Land Manager Boundaries
  • National Parks
  • National Monuments
  • Patents

  • Advanced Land Status
  • Subsurface Estate Ownership (Minerals)
  • Reconveyances and Exchanges
  • ACEC - Areas of Critical Environmental concern
  • Wilderness Areas
  • Mineral Withdrawals
  • Conservation Restrictions
  • Wild & Scenic Rivers
  • Easements and ROWs

  • Mining Claims
  • Twice monthly updated GIS files to the nearest section
  • Custom claims mapping to recorded boundaries
  • Plan and Notice mapping


Custom Interactive maps for your area of interest. We can create and host a single map for a one off presentation or create large mapping projects available to specific members of your staff for group editing.

Custom mapping tools and several user defined output formats available. Maps can be access restricted or public.

Custom 3D mapping and Interactive 3D Models

Hosted by Red Earth or finished custom code sets available for display on your own website or presentation installation.

Custom Interactive Reports

Red Earth can generate print maps and project presentations. Bring your presentations into the 21st century with interactive charts and tables.

Red Earth can provide the GIS data and research you need

All GIS files and reports are created to fit your specific project.

You no longer have to make do with generalized out of date GIS files supplied by public agencies. Each project is produced to your specifications from original data. It's now possible to rely on accurate mapping and research based on the original Public Land Orders, Congressional Acts, Secretarial Orders, Location Notices, Plans and Permits.

Red Earth has created an extensive custom GIS database to assemble your project needs from. We excel at ferreting out the tedious details needed to create an accurate current report or map to fit your requirements. We can do this at a cost that is quite reasonable. Whether you have a need for a large custom dataset or a single use project let us know what result you would like and we will put together a proposal to match your needs and your budget.
Let Red Earth make your job easy.

Work samples and example datasets available on request.

If you are already a client

You can sign in to your private projects page at the link provided when you set up your account.
There is no access to client data or maps from these public pages. If you are a Red Earth client and you have misplaced your account sign in please contact us and we will provide you with the information you need.