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Private Research & Cartography

Red Earth is a private group of talented individuals providing confidential custom research reports, mapping, data and tools for Land Management, Landmen, Resource Companies, Mining, GIS Professionals, Real Estate, Historians, Genealogists, Geologists, Conservation and Restoration Planning and any other projects requiring Land Description data.

Red Earth has developed many terabytes of customized spatial data and integrated documentation to provide solutions for your unique geospatial needs.

If you've been looking for geospatial data that provides simple access to complex and diverse land related data sets we probably have what you have been looking for. Red Earth has developed a proprietary land grid that allows us to correlate extensive federal, state and local land related data sets to the public land survey system (PLSS) down to the smallest land unit in many cases. Our custom grids will provide you with quick access to the information you need, for the places you need it.

All of our data sets are created with a high level of attention to detail and care. When used in your project the difference in results will be obvious.

Why Red Earth?

If you use the spatial data available to the public you know how variable the quality and formatting of that data can be. Different agencies and organizations contribute good data that is incompatible with other related data or mistakes and bad geometry cause the data to be unusable as is. It's frustrating and sometimes almost impossible to deal with the inconsistencies. When you should be working with your software tools to finish your project you find yourself laboring to correct the inconsistencies in the provided data.

We understand. At Red Earth we have committed years to standardizing important public spatial datasets making them usable and reliable. Our proprietary land grids were made the old fashioned way with hours of research and logical adjustments to correct geometry and standardize field values to improve upon the usefulness and quality original data.

Custom Mapping

Many different interfaces and capabilities are possible with our custom private mapping systems. Each project is designed specifically to suit your needs.

Red Earth can provide mapping, drawing, query based and comparative map results in several different formats to your specifications. The resulting mapping products can be hosted by Red Earth as interactive maps for your own website or we can create custom, derivative works for use in your own in house projects.

High resolution interactive custom 3D mapping is also available, either as a a browser accessible webpage or a standalone display application.

Sample maps, data and reports available on request.

How to get started

Red Earth will define and manage your project tailored to your unique requirements. A thorough review of your data requirements will allow us to create a custom dataset for your research or mapping project that uniquely fits your needs and expectations.

To begin the process, just send us a message with the basic requirements of your project; the desired format, spatial extent and proposed use.

We will provide you with a detailed listing of datasets that are currently available and custom datasets that we propose to meet your needs. Once the general outlines of your needs are clear we can arrange a phone consultation if needed.

There is no charge for an inquiry or consultation and all conversation and correspondence will be kept confidential.


Red Earth respects your need for privacy. All client communication and content is kept strictly confidential. Custom created projects and data will not be shared. We may track your login and logouts to assist you in restricting access from within your project and so we can notify you of any suspicious activity.

Some types of custom mapping interfaces require Red Earth to store interim and derivative data on the server. Which data and how long it is stored in your project space will be revealed in the project parameters and storage type and duration can be defined by the client within the limits of the project.

Like most websites Red Earth acquires basic statistics about site usage and access. We generate statistics that tell us how many times a page has been viewed, how the user got to Red Earth (direct link, referral, search engine) and some basic information about what browser and operating system is used.